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Welcome to Diddlyboo.com 

"The Dating and Social Network for mental health service users, patients, and carers."

"No more hiding your illness from dates and new friends"


This site is specifically designed for Mental Health Carers and Service Users.  It has been designed so that individuals do not have to hide their conditions, can discuss openly and freely, get advise and socialise in comfort.  We take any abuse of our Terms and condition seriously and sharing of personal information outside of this site that violate other users rights, will result in your account being suspended or revoked, and legal action may be considered for serious offenses or breaches of our rules.

Respect is expected in Diddlyboo!

Once you have created your profile, please review the optional fields of information.  In particular, the Support Contact.  You can provide details of a third party to be contacted, at your request.  These details are visible only to you and the Support team at Diddlyboo.  We will not contact these people unless requested to do.